Genevieve Rogers

Biosecurity Fellow, Executive Branch Track

Genevieve is doing an executive branch fellowship.


Genevieve’s background and future dreams are at the intersection of technology and social impact. She has experience as Director of Business Development at Biobot Analytics, focusing on scaling wastewater analysis solutions for the prevention of pathogen spread and other community health improvements. She previously worked as a product manager and strategic consultant at Accenture Federal Services, where she partnered with the Department of Agriculture to transform civilian services through technology. She is the co-founder and current Chair of the Advisory Board of the Every Voice Coalition, a digital-first nonprofit that empowers students to write, file, and fight for legislation combating sexual violence in higher education. She previously worked on Johnson & Johnson’s global media relations team, where she specialized in data analytics and corporate social responsibility. She received her MBA from MIT Sloan (2023) and her bachelors from Wellesley College.