Horizon helps the US government navigate our era of rapid technological change by supporting the next generation of emerging technology policy leaders. Our programs support people at all stages of their careers, from undergraduates interested in exploring policy careers to mid-career professionals looking to pivot into government.

Emerging technologies are profoundly affecting society, but policymakers frequently complain that they do not have access to the expertise they need to harness the benefits of new technological capabilities and guard against the risks they pose. At the same time, many experts in fields like artificial intelligence and biotechnology feel called to public service but lack the training, policy understanding, and networks required to pursue careers in policy. 

Horizon’s programs tackle these frictions in the talent market to prevent the US government from falling behind in its ability to proactively and productively govern the next generation of emerging technologies. 

Our programs
[] is an incredible resource with advice, essential resources, and guides for anyone looking to make the move into public service. Check it out!

B Cavello

Director for Emerging Technologies, Aspen Institute

Fantastic resource! I wish I had this when I was first entering the policy world.

Georgia Lagoudas

Former AAAS Fellow, State Department, and White House staffer

I had taken myself out of the running for the Horizon Fellowship. I’m so glad the staff encouraged me to apply. The experience has completely changed my career plans - I highly doubt I’d have my current government role without Horizon.

Horizon Fellow

Before doing the fellowship I knew I was going to try government but didn’t imagine a life long career. Now I see myself in government for 10-20 years.

Horizon Fellow

I loved this experience and found everyone so approachable and warm.

Workshop attendee

I already applied to a congressional staff job because of this speaker series.

Event attendee

Other work

We are always on the lookout for new opportunities to pursue our mission of building pipelines into public service for emerging technology experts, including in partnership with other civil society organizations. Work in this direction has included supporting the AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellowship in launching their first AI-focused fellowship program and being an active member of the Tech to Gov public interest technology coalition, organizing resources and events to encourage technologists to enter government. We also work alongside TechCongress, the Aspen Tech Policy Hub, and the National Security Career and Leadership Institute to advise and train technologists interested in public service work.