Public Service Career Support

Horizon provides a suite of public service career support services designed to make insider information and advice about policy careers more accessible.

People hoping to transition into the policy and government world face many difficult questions: whether to go to graduate school, which policy jobs or fellowships to apply to, how to research which organizations are doing exciting work, and so forth. If you’re not already connected to experienced policy professionals, you might never find good answers. 

Due to access, many people who could make significant contributions are unable to make career transitions. In addition to hampering the government’s ability to craft informed policy, such issues also contribute to a lack of diversity in the policy world. By making “inside baseball” information and advice more accessible, our suite of career services reduce barriers to entry and help grow the community of emerging technology experts in public service.

This site is an incredible resource with advice, essential resources, and guides for anyone looking to make the move into public service. Check it out!

B Cavello

Director for Emerging Technologies, Aspen Institute

Fantastic resource! I wish I had this when I was first entering the policy world.

Georgia Lagoudas

Former AAAS Fellow, State Department, and White House staffer

Thank you for all the resources you've given me…I feel prepared to go down this path in a way that I absolutely would not have without your help.

Horizon advisee

Thank you for being relentlessly helpful … your work to help people find impactful jobs — whether it's building a website with compiled resources or making yourself available as a sounding board — is so much appreciated.

Horizon advisee