Nils Justen

Biosecurity Fellow, Executive Branch Track

Nils Justen is doing an executive branch fellowship. 


Nils is also a current Emerging Leaders in Biosecurity (ELBI) fellow with the John Hopkins Center for Health Security and an incoming Ending Bioweapons fellow with the Council on Strategic Risks. He previously worked with the Biological Weapons Convention in Geneva where he assisted with the implementation of the Ninth Review Conference and supported youth involvement in the Convention. Nils also previously completed a biosecurity governance fellowship at Stanford University focused on mitigating biological threats in the context of US defense policy and worked as an emerging technology intern with the US Environmental Protection Agency. Throughout his academic career, Nils has gained valuable international experience through various public and private sector roles, as well as academic research positions. He is currently finishing an engineering graduate degree at the Technical University of Munich where he is working as a research assistant with the HelmHoltz Institute of Virology. He holds a BSc in mechanical engineering from Michigan Technological University.