July 3, 2024

Register for the 2024 summer webinar series on careers in emerging technology policy 

The Horizon Institute for Public Service, in partnership with the Inclusive Abundance Initiative, the Policy Entrepreneurs Network, and the Scowcroft Institute for International Affairs at the Bush School of Texas A&M University, is excited to announce the third annual summer webinar series on U.S. emerging technology policy. 

The series is designed to help individuals interested in federal AI and biosecurity policy decide if they should pursue careers in these fields. Each session features experienced policy practitioners who will discuss what it’s like to work in emerging technology policy and provide actionable advice on how to get involved. 

The series will run from mid-July to the end of August. Interested participants must register to receive access to the schedule and webinar information. Sessions will be highly interactive, with time for audience Q&A, and will not be recorded.

Advances in fields like artificial intelligence and biotechnology are profoundly reshaping many domains of life, from health and science to employment and national security. The government plays a critical role in ensuring these changes benefit society. The resulting opportunities and challenges related to emerging technology policy are interdisciplinary and will require talent from a range of backgrounds and communities — including many that don’t have ready access to information about policy work and what a career transition might look like. 

To democratize access to relevant advice and information, this series will cover:

  • How individuals with non-traditional (e.g. technical or legal) backgrounds can transition into emerging technology policy
  • What a “day in a life” is like at a think tank, advocacy organization, executive agency, or Congress
  • Ongoing policy efforts and debates related to AI, biotechnology, and other emerging technology areas

Some of the sessions will be useful for individuals from all fields and career stages, while others are more focused on particular backgrounds and opportunities. You may choose to attend all or only some of the sessions. 

Seminar sessions will include:

1. Q&A with Jason Matheny, President and CEO of the RAND Corporation and former White House Coordinator for Technology and National Security

2. Q&A with Beth Cameron, Professor at the Brown University School of Public Health and former Senior Director for Global Health Security and Biodefense on the National Security Council

3. Q&A with Gerald Parker, Director of the Pandemic and Biosecurity at Texas A&M’s Scowcroft Institute and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense 

4. What’s it like working in the executive branch?

5. What’s it like working in a think tank?

6. What’s it like working in Congress?

7. Transitioning from law to policy

8. Transitioning from science and tech to policy

9. Transitioning from business to policy 

10. Finding, applying, and interviewing for policy jobs and fellowships

11. Choosing graduate schools for policy careers

12. Horizon Fellowship info sessions

    Whether you’re considering a career pivot or simply curious about the emerging technology policy landscape, join us to discover how public service careers work and how you can use your background to help support decision-makers at the highest levels.

    We’re grateful to our partners for their collaboration on this seminar series. The Inclusive Abundance Initiative is building a dynamic community focused on diverse ideas and inclusive dialogue to not only drive progress but also unify and strengthen our nation. The Policy Entrepreneurs Network is a new non-partisan organization whose mission is to enable more motivated technical experts to access the tools, methods, and relationships to become effective policy entrepreneurs and unlock major policy wins. The Scowcroft Institute is a biosecurity-focused international affairs research center engaged in education and policy-oriented research.