May 31, 2024

Horizon is hiring for Operations, Research, and Talent roles: Apply by June 28, 2024

The Horizon Institute for Public Service is looking for three mission-motivated individuals to join our team in Operations, Research, and Talent Strategy roles. We’re excited to grow our organization and scale up the support we provide to the next generation of emerging technology policy talent. Complete our 10-minute initial application by June 28, 2024. 

Emerging technologies, like biotechnology and artificial intelligence, are rapidly reshaping our world. The US government plays an essential role in developing and governing new technologies, crafting policies to take advantage of their benefits and guard against the risks they pose. But policymakers’ ability to stay ahead of the curve depends on access to the requisite expertise. And right now, that expertise is sorely lacking. 

Since our launch two years ago, Horizon has helped dozens of experts launch critically needed careers in public service. For example, through our fellowship program, we’ve helped 50+ subject-matter experts fill vital roles at top think tanks, leading roles in Congress, and agencies across government. We’ve launched a career guide website that has reached over 15,000 individuals with best-in-class advice about emerging tech policy careers, helped over 1,000 individuals through our online seminar series and 1-1 advising calls, and participated in the first-ever government AI hiring fair

The demand for emerging technology policy expertise is growing. We’re hiring for three new roles to help fill this demand. You can learn more and apply here (<10 min).

Director of Operations

Manage a multimillion-dollar budget, support the organization as it aims to double in size, and build an inimitable professional network among DC policy practitioners. This role is an excellent platform for starting your own organization, becoming a COO or Chief of Staff, working in a leadership role at a high-impact nonprofit, or otherwise accelerating your career in US policy. Competitive applicants will likely have approximately 3–7+ years of relevant work experience.

Director of Talent Strategy

Expand Horizon’s recruiting, headhunting, and advising work. This role will involve conducting strategy analysis, building systems, and scaling our talent platforms to increase the number of people we serve. This role could help you build a foundation for launching your own fast-growing, early-stage organization, directing a program at a think tank or government agency, or otherwise accelerating your career in US public policy. Competitive applicants will most likely have approximately 3–7+ years of relevant work experience.

Senior Research Associate

Conduct research to inform our program strategy across the organization and improve the quality and reach of our online career guides for subject-matter experts seeking to transition into emerging technology policy. This role will enhance your knowledge about the US emerging technology policy ecosystem; strengthen your research, writing, and project management skills; and greatly expand your professional network among DC policy practitioners. We welcome applications from candidates with approximately 1-2 years of relevant work experience.

Application process

Interested candidates should express initial interest by filling in this short application (< 10 minutes) by June 28, 2024. The full application process will involve two work tests (both paid), a structured interview, reference checks, and a short, paid in-person work trial with the team in Washington, D.C.